Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode New Update Balvinder Kidnap Lakshmi Upcoming News November 2022

 In Hello Friend drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi, you are going to see your logon, which star is going to see Lakshmi getting worried a lot, because there is a way to kidnap her from Balwinder. Faisla Kiya Hai Ki Vah is Bar Lakshmi Ki Jaan Bachakar Rahega Kyunki is Bar Rishi Bahut hi Jyada pyar Karta Hai from Lakshmi, from whose face no one is watching this at all.

  Friends, apart from you, you are also going to see whether the whole family is also thinking about how Rishi should be supported now because Rishi's life is in danger and we will continue to be Jabal Chakar. Hai Baar Kaffee Jayada Happy Hain Hai Baa Dina Ja Rahi Hai Lakshmi Keonki Hai Baaar Lakshmi Has Loved Rishi Se And Rishi Also Hai Baa Hai Baa Hai Jeeda Happy Ho So He Is Going To Be Showed And There Is Drama. From has become very Giada Special.

  And friends, apart from that, you guys are also going to see that now Rishi is going to take his revenge on Malishka from Puri Tara and Malishka is also there. If Rishi was not supporting him, he will be very depressed and the ISI is also there.

  Friends, apart from you, you are also going to see that now the whole family has started to support Rishi because now Malishka's truck has gone with everyone and she is going to go to jail. And there is the whole family on the other side. It is a lot of talk to see Jayada happy because the whole family wanted it because it was not Manushya's but it was put in everyone's nose and now Rishi Bhaiya is rushing to love Lakshmi. It seems

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