Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode New Update Malishka Big Accident Upcoming News November 2022

 Hello Friend Rama serial Bhagya Lakshmi is going to see you logon ki bar which star is now Lakshmi very worried because it is going to be seen because Bar Lakshmi has come to know about us not supporting us and

 home Everyone is very worried, they are going to show up and this time, the whole family is also very upset, because this time, Maleeshka is going to leave the house, because no one has left.

  Friends, apart from that, you guys are also going to get to see what star Lakshmi is going to flirt with, why does she have no other option and this time she has decided that they have left each other. 

 There is nothing at all and on the other hand Balvendra will try his best to kidnap Lakshmi but he will not be able to succeed because it is Lakshmi who will save his life.

  Friends, you guys will also get to see how Aayush and Shalu are now in love with each other but they are deciding to get married now and Neelam will never know this.

 If you marry Neelam Shalo, you will be taken out of the house by the voice of whose voice Aayush will say, "I will leave the house now at ISI time."

  Friends, now you are also going to see that the family has come to know from the whole star that Malishka had kidnapped Prachi and she is the one who is going to kill everyone.

 Se is 12 vo They see Jayada getting worried, Dina is going and the friend is bar, the whole family is very worried.

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