Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode New Update Virendra Is No More Upcoming News November 2022


In the drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi, you are going to see the logon. Can't be saved because Bar has run far away by using Wah and there is another side. Bar has taken money from Malishka, whose money is due to him. Now Malish will be caught very soon because the police is doing their investigation.

  And on the other hand, Ashara Rishi has gone out with the police to cheat her father, with whom she cheated her father very quickly. Waja se hai bar now Malishka's truth will be known in front of everyone very soon and the country's hai bar will go to jail because she has made a lot of mistakes.

  Friends, apart from this, you are also going to see how happy Lakshmi is now going to be seen because the truth of Malishka has been shared with everyone and it is also all over the world. Aayush and Shalo are not separated from each other.

  And friends, the drama serial is going to be very special, and it seems that the people around the world are also very happy about this, because you, the family members, are thinking that they are going to give the drama serial. You guys will like the next episode of Ki Hai Baar more than ever.

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