Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode New Update Ranbir Knows Riya Baby Truth Big 2022

 Hello Friend Drama Serial In Hello Friend Drama Serial Sarita Mohan, you will be seen with the star of Logon Ki Baar. Now Shraddha's life is in a lot of danger due to which no one will be able to save her life and that time is enough. It is a long journey and the family is not supporting her because of which she is going to leave this house, but now they will say to Mohan that I love you, Sarf, and Sarf, and you are mine. Will not support.

  And there's another twist, now Gangan flatly refuses to let her out of the car as she says that Lakshmi would be quite worried now that she's going to see you in Shara. are It is going to be seen why Pariji has left her side and that is Barish does not want to stay in the house at all and on the other side you guys are also going to get to see why Rishi Bar has taken the entire double family. Lakshmi has a lot of money

  Friends, apart from this, you also need to see what Taraa is planning with. Bachata Hua Dekha Diga whose voice will make the drama serial very special and Dost Hai Bar now Aayush and Lakshmi are also very happy.

  And friends, you guys are also going to see that now the whole thing is done. How come the family has refused to accept it? There was a lot of talk about Awaaz and even ISI is not supporting her due to which she will decide that she is not going to live in the house anymore and you will not see the day Anushka is kidnapped until you get to see the logo. done.

  Because of this Maleshka did not give her money, she is going to settle with Puri Tara, and the upcoming episode of the drama serial will also become very special. The upcoming episode of the drama serial is also going to be very exciting because ISI and Manish will be happy with the world.

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