Kundali Bhagya Today Episode New Update Anjali Help Karan To Marry Preeta Upcoming News November 2022


Hello friends, in the drama serial Kundali Bhagya, Aap Logon is going to be seen ki Bar Prithvi Rang Hathoon will be cooked but Dostoon Preeta Hai Bar is not going to keep quiet because he is going to put Prithvi in ​​jail. Chika Hai Kyunki Hai bar Prithvi Dasra Parivar all Prapati wants caravan in his name but friend Parida will not have to happen at all and on the other hand Arjun is saying to Rishabh you have a hard time even if you don't have all the property in your name. Do it in our name

  And friends, because of which Bar Pratha and Prithvi Donon will fall in love with each other because Preeta does not want Luthra to go on Parivar road, which Bar Pratha has not thought of. Kritika from Parivar will do it, the sound of which will make Arjun and Prithvi go away from a distance. Talaq Chaligi Kyunki Wah doesn't want to live with the operation at all Kyunki uses that if she stays in the Rudra Parivar, this will happen to her.

  And the friends of Prithvi Hai Baar are very angry. It will be seen because Preeta Hai Bar Prithvi's plans have failed. This time Prithvi helps Arjun. Preeta will have to spring from Parivar otherwise Preet Hamin will never succeed in her mission and drama serial you can also watch on Zee TV for such information we keep visiting our latest website. What will happen to the next planet Britta?

  And friend Rishabh is saying to Preeta that whatever happens, I don't have the courage to meet Arjun because I can take care of my family on my own. Look at Preeta Ko Main Kse Fasata Han ki she will be cooked with Arjun whose voice Rishabh will leave Preeta As long as Preeta is with Aloo's Parivar we Lotta Parivar don't think anything that from far away Bar Rishabh is saying. It has been said that I want to take my property from all of you.

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