Bhagya Lakshmi Today Episode Lakshmi Find Malishka And Save Virendra Upcoming News November 2022

Hello friend serial kundli bhagya you are going to see logon ki bar partha is very sad jayada is going to see why is bar partha has not decided that she will leave Rishabh sprinkle sprinklers what bar her family It is said that I will not stay here.

 And I will take my revenge from you all, why you all have betrayed me, but your friends will not even look at Arjuna understanding you will not do the same as you did to our naked. I think this is your misunderstanding

  And friends, Prithvi is not going to keep quiet. And will Partha Hai Baar Lotta be ticked with Parivar or drama serial you can also watch on Zee TV for such information keep visiting our website we will keep giving you the latest updates what will be the next planning of Arjun and Prithvi

  And friends, Arjun is very angry when he finds out that Prithvi has cheated on him because he considered Preeti to be his partner, but Preeti is not with Arjun. Friends Rakhi aunty is saying to Arjun that you don't know that you are my son,

 but when you find out, you will apologize to me and I will never forgive you. Go, this Sankar will say that Arjun will not do this at all

And friend Rishabh, he is alive and angry, and he is saying to Arjun that he is the one who is Prithvi, and you will not take any wrong step. You have done this to me, but my friend Rishabh is seen as understanding Arjuna till we have not done anything to you but Prithvi has cheated with you.


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