Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode New Update Ranbir Knows Riya Truth Upcoming News November 2022

In the Hello Friend drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi, Aap Logon is going to be seen in the same way that Lakshmi is alone because she is alone. Neelam is going to look very happy with the talk and besides her friends, now the whole family has started to accept Malishka, whose name is Bar Lakshmi.

  And you will get to see Bihar from Randi and she will go with Babar and she is a friend. Now it is going to be seen that there is a lot of pressure, from the sound of which the family members are also using this time. Rishi has not done well with him.

  And friends, apart from that, you are also going to see that Balvinder has changed his name from Malishka. From time to time, the family members become more and more worried, and this time their door will be broken and they will say to Balvinder that you want to win money, and the rain will go there.

  And Hai Baar Balvendra will plan to kidnap Lakshmi and he is going to show that he is successful in life and ISI will once again come out to frame Lakshmi and that Hai Baar is going to be a drama to save her life. The next episode will be very special because ISI and Lakshmi have come to love each other so much that they love each other so much and it is a special drama. has become

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