Kundali Bhagya Today Episode New Update Arjun Fill Preeta Mang Upcoming News November 2022


In the Hello Friend drama serial Sarita Mohan, Aap Logon will be seen to be seen ki bar kis tara se now Shraddha's life is in a lot of jiyada khatre because of which no one will save her life and that time is enough.

 There is a long journey and the family is also not supporting her because of which she is going to leave this house, but now they will tell Mohan that I love you, Sarf, and Sarf, and you will not support me.

  And there is another twist, now Gungan has clearly refused to take her out of the car because she has said that until Shraddha

 gets out of the car, she is not going to leave. And Mohan Bhi Hai loves Bharat a lot, because of which the drama serial has become very special.

  But now Ketli has met with Damani, whose reason is that now she is trying her best to reach Radha's number. The upcoming next episode of the serial will be very special and will see Radha and Mohan hating each other a lot.

  And friends, apart from that, you people also have to see which star you are happy with now. He will not leave her because he loves her so much,

 so he will say that you are the same as my heart, just stay with me because I want to be in love with you. Giada will be angry

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